Top energy saving tips for families

November 18, 2013

I think most of us right now are worried about our energy bills, and wondering how we can cut the costs of our fuel and electricity without turning the heating off completely or stumbling around in the dark.

We use energy-saving lightbulbs, we try not to have the lights on all over the house and we always turn the TV off (rather than leaving it on standby) at night but there’s always more you can do, right?

piggybankpiggybankpiggybankE.OnAs one of the leading energy suppliers to UK customers, E.ON recognises it has a duty to make sure that everyone has all the information they need to work out the best way to help save money and use no more energy than they need.

They also have a brilliant Energy Saving Toolkit – you have to register online to use it but it’s very quick to do and it shows you how you can save energy (and money) by making some very simple changes. And there are some really good energy saving tips, too.

Did you know for example that if you overcharge a gadget – such as a mobile phone (guilty, I do this all the time) you’re draining energy? I definitely didn’t realise such a simple thing could use so much energy, but apparently 49% of us do it (and it can actually drain the battery). No 1 Son is forever leaving the XBox switched on, too, so I really need to have a word with him about this.

One of the best ways to find out how many appliances you have left switched on at night is to go round the house with the lights turned off (it’s best to use a torch) – that way you’ll be able to see really clearly just how many gadgets and appliances you’ve left on. I promise you, it’s loads more than you think.

And older appliances can also drain energy – the longer you leave them plugged in, the more they use. Particularly fridges. (If you’re thinking about getting a new appliance, look at the energy efficiency label – A++++ is the most efficient).

My mum, bless her, has always unplugged everything at night, including the kettle and toaster, in case of fire – but it turns out, by doing this she’s actually saving energy as well.

It’s amazing how the most simple things can make a huge difference to your energy consumption. And let’s face it, we could all do with some help to reduce our household bills right now, couldn’t we?

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