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The magic of Disney, Donald Duck and ‘oh boy oh boy oh boy’

When I was about six I saved up my 10p a week pocket money for eight weeks so I could buy a Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck annual which I read and reread countless times. I loved Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Daisy.

On Friday I was on the top deck of the bus going to work when I heard a very peculiar noise drifting up the stairs. It was coming from a little girl, and as she and her mum got to the top deck I realised she was saying ‘oh boy oh boy oh boy’ – a pitch perfect impression of Donald Duck’s catchphrase.

Seeing some little friends she knew she ran over to them (yes it was very noisy on the bus) and said ’oh boy oh boy oh boy.’ Then: ‘Sophie, do you know what Donald Duck says? He says “oh boy oh boy oh boy.” ‘ Then two minutes later, ‘Chloe, do you know what Donald Duck says? He says “oh boy oh boy oh boy.” ‘ And so on.

It was the cutest thing and reminded me of the magic of Disney and how discovering Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends for the first time is something you never forget.



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