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The Greatest Journey Meme

I’m very lucky to have been on some truly extraordinary trips, from backpacking with friends across the US after uni to flying upper class to places like Hong Kong and Washington DC. I’ve scuba dived among ruins in Turkey, swum with turtles in Hawaii and kissed dolphins in Antigua and Florida. But wherever you go, and however you get there, it’s the experiences and the people you’re with that make these journeys so memorable.

The biggest trip I’ve made, in every sense, was the time I flew on my own to join No 1 Son and his dad in New Zealand. They had been there for a fortnight before I was able to join them and I cannot tell you how much I wanted that plane to get there quickly – flying 24 hours on your own when all you can think about is how much you want a huggle from your only child is just awful. When I spotted my little boy at Auckland airport we ran into each other’s arms and didn’t let go.











And Man of the House was so proud to show me his homeland. We saw waterfalls and geysers, bathed in hot springs at Rotorua,  flew in a helicopter over the Craters of the Moon and Huka Falls, went boating on Lake Taupo, discovered the many Maori myths and legends, spent time with the rellies, played on the glorious beaches (particularly Papamoa) and had the most incredible time, and all the more special because we were discovering my boy’s Kiwi heritage. (Afterwards we flew to Sydney and our plane was struck by lightning on the way, but that’s another story.)

So this is the Greatest Journey Meme. I want to hear about your most memorable, incredible journey so far – not just because of where you went, but because of the whole emotional experience. To set the ball rolling I’m tagging English Mum, Mum’s Gone To, Mummy’s Travels, Jenography and Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy. Ladies, I can’t wait to hear about your fantastic voyages – don’t forget to link back to this post and tag other bloggers to share their amazing journeys.

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