In search of winter sun

September 10, 2013

One of the best things about flying to Miami in February was that it meant the chance to escape from the (quite frankly appalling) British winter; to feel the sun on our faces, and be able to shed all those layers, Ugg boots and coats. Even when it wasn’t *that* warm we were still determined to make the most of every opportunity to wear our swimsuits. It was the perfect antidote to the grey skies at home.

So I can totally see the appeal of a winter sun holiday, the chance to fly off somewhere warm and avoid the worst weather at home. I know people who regularly head for the Balearics and Canaries, just to get some sunshine, the chance to swim in an outdoor pool (or sea) and feel rejuvenated again. Because let’s face it, once the clocks go back, the long dark evenings start to zap your mojo a bit, doesn’t they?

I also know people who like to get away somewhere sunny for Christmas, which certainly sounds appealing – the idea of lying for the pool instead of on the sofa on Christmas Day, having a barbecue instead of a big dinner… one year, I’d definitely like to try it.

TenerifeOne destination my friends swear by is the Canary Islands, and in particular Tenerife, with its mix of black volcanic seashores and golden sands. There are still lots of cheap flights to Tenerife around for 2013, so if you’re craving guaranteed blue skies and sunshine, now’s the time to book your place in the sun (the average daily temperature in November is around 75F. Just saying 😉 ) And the added bonus is that in winter, when it’s less crowded, it’s possible to discover all sorts of unspoiled and hidden coves, plus banana plantations, whitewashed villages and that intriguing lunar landscape. Of course it has great nightlife and shopping, but it’s the unexpected treasures that make it such a good destination for a winter sun break.



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