Road and Car Safety Tips for Parents

December 5, 2013

car seatAs you know, the importance of driving safely on the school run is something I feel very strongly about; but of course it’s not just when we’re on the school run we need to be careful when we’re driving our kids – it’s all the time. It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re driving your kids from one activity to another, and when it’s dark we need all our wits about us. Here are some road and car safety tips for parents.

I know some adults take silly risks but it still amazes me when I see parents driving their kids without seat belts – they are mandatory, and even if you’re only driving round the corner to a friend’s house accidents can and do happen. It’s good for children to learn from an early age that they should be wearing seat belts, too, and if necessary use a booster seat as well.

One of the best ways to encourage children to sit in their car seat or booster seat without wriggling and making it difficult for you to fasten the seat belt is to encourage them to think of car journeys as something pleasurable – so they know that if they sit in the seat, they’ll be going somewhere fun, or they can listen to a favourite music tape or watch a film on the iPad (or play a good old-fashioned game of I Spy). If you’re looking for a car seat, Buy Buy Baby have a good selection.

But of course the most important thing is to make sure your car is road-worthy. I still remember the time (and shudder at the memory) when Man of the House was driving No 1 Son and I down the motorway in his old Volvo, the car’s suspension suddenly broke and the wheels came off. It was like being in The Flintstones, only of course far from funny (particularly when you’re stranded with a baby on the side of the motorway on a cold night). It’s so important to get your car serviced regularly, and get an MOT. And of course always make sure your tyres are in tip-top condition. This shouldn’t cost a fortune – try for a full and comprehensive range of tyres for all vehicle makes. We all want to get to our destination – but it’s important to make sure we’re staying as safe as possible, especially when we’re travelling with kids.






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