Parents can’t keep making excuses

July 16, 2013

life insuranceWhen it comes to things like chores, or doing something I don’t particularly enjoy, like paperwork, I’m definitely a procrastinator. I can always come up with a raft of excuses for why I can’t do something, or why I need to put it off until another day: it’s too hot/cold; I’m too hungry/tired; the garden needs doing; I can’t wash up right now, Luther is on TV. And so on.

And one of the things I’m most likely to procrastinate about is anything to do with finances. Up to a point. Because the thing is, when you become a parent, you have to take responsibility for things you’d rather not think about. For the first time in your life, you’re responsible for protecting and caring for someone else.

Which is why one of the first things that both Man of the House and I did when we became parents (after we’d finally managed to get some sleep) was to take out life insurance policies, to make sure that in the event something happened to either one of us, No 1 Son would be financially secure, and always have a roof over his head. We may procrastinate about other things, but our son’s future definitely isn’t one of them.

No one likes to think about something awful happening, but the fact is, when you’re a parent, you have to. At least until your kids are 18 and are able to make their own way in life. I know a few families who have lost a parent – and no one wants to leave someone struggling to cope financially.

Aviva have just launched a new campaign, featuring kids talking about the excuses they make. Have a look at the video below and check out the facebook page. And if you’re a parent who hasn’t taken out life insurance, yet, it’s definitely time to stop making excuses.

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  • SJ July 17, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    I totally agree when I had my first child my life changed completely and for the first time I felt a need to be responsible. Not everyone is like that though my mother in law is 55 and is only just thinking about life insurance and writing a will….