The one kitchen appliance I don’t want to be without

August 22, 2013

Vintage dishwasher adWhen we were (finally) having the kitchen redone in this house I was very excited about choosing worktops and floor tiles, even the oven and hob – but when it came to selecting the white goods, making a decision between one kitchen appliance and another, I found the sheer choice and range absolutely overwhelming. Particularly with dishwashers. In the end I simply chose the one that fitted into the space available, from a make I’d heard of and that I thought would be perfectly reliable.

As the saying goes, I chose badly, because just a year later, not only did this dishwasher develop a serious electric fault, it also fused the entire house, resulting in multiple call-outs to an electrician.

*le sigh*

With hindsight, I should have chosen one from the same brand as our washing machine, which is, I’m not kidding, 15 years old and still going strong.

So for the past six months we’ve been washing up, manually, and this is really starting to drive me nuts, because of course I’m far from being a domestic goddess; No 1 Son complains CONSTANTLY that nothing looks really ‘clean’; and also, washing up is – well, very boring, frankly. I grew up without a dishwasher so I was absolutely determined that I would have one when we moved into our own home – and yet here I am, night after night, with a soggy sponge, plunging my hands into a bowl of manky water.

I’ve had enough. Which is why I’ve been looking for a new dishwasher, and one that can be delivered as fast as possible – I’ve been browsing sites with a good range of electrical appliances and with lots of sizes and styles of dishwashers to suit all tastes (and kitchens) and I’ve found a Bosch dishwasher I like so I think this weekend we might be ordering one. And then my hands can go back to loading dishes rather than having to wash them up.

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