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Like Torvill and Dean, but not.

Encore!So one of the biggest surprises on board Liberty of the Seas was the ice rink.  Ice-skating, on a ship, at sea. I know, right? It’s big enough to play host to an incredible ice show, Encore!, which features some extraordinary professional skating and stunning choreography and is really very beautiful to watch. Fans of Dancing on Ice will LOVE it.

But the other advantage of the ice rink is that passengers can skate on it, for free, at half-hour sessions. And some of the passengers were incredibly talented – ranging from little ones to senior citizens who whizzed round the ice as though being on blades is as natural as breathing. Very impressive.

ice-skating on Liberty of the SeasAnd then there were these two. Our very own French and Saunders, Tara and Laura. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you their dancing on ice routine.

Like Torvill and Dean, but not.


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  2. Carolin March 5, 2013

    I must have missed the start of their routine ;)

    Just joking. I think it’s not about being perfect, but giving it a go, joining in and having fun and I think that’s what they did.

    10 points!

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