The joys of a family road trip

February 1, 2014

My mum had a small accident in her car the week before last. Basically a lorry clipped the side, damaging the wing mirror and scratching the body work. Of course the driver drove off (I doubt he even noticed the little 82-year-old lady left shaking in her Ford Ka). Fortunately the damage wasn’t too bad and it could have been so much worse, but it’s a reminder that however careful you are on the road, you can’t always predict the actions of other drivers.

Another thing you can’t really predict when you’re a driver is when your car will break down; you can take all the necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t happen, like checking the tyre pressure and oil and water and so on, but sometimes cars will just break down for no reason that’s apparently and immediately fixable. Of course you can behave like Basil Fawlty and start hitting the bonnet with the branch of a tree, or you can make sure you’ve got breakdown cover and simply call the lovely people from the AA and wait for them to arrive. This is definitely my preferred option, although it still surprises me how many people I seem to know who drive without any cover whatosever and just cross their fingers (not while they’re driving, obviously) and hope for the best.

Lego breakdown truckWe’re planning a family road trip to Legoland when it opens for the new season in the spring, and we’ll definitely be making sure that we’ve done all the necessary checks to have a safe and enjoyable journey. We’ll also be taking lots of DVDs for Ben, sweets for all of us, tissues, towels (in case of drinks spillage), probably crisps and lots of different CDs, because my brother-in-law has this habit of playing the same CD over and over again: the soundtrack to Star Wars. I know.

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