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It’s your blog – for goodness’ sake, do what you want with it

beautiful bloggerThere’s a saying among journalists: ‘honour amongst thieves.’ It’s a sort of unwritten rule that journalists support each other, which is why you’ll often find journalists defending rivals (unless they’ve done something really indefensible). But that same code doesn’t appear to exist among bloggers.

I was a bit alarmed yesterday to see a blogger threatening to report other bloggers for undeclared sponsored posts. I’m not sure whether they were being serious (I hope not) but the fact is, if you’re *that* bothered about what other bloggers are doing on their blogs you probably have far too much time on your hands.

It’s the same with these pious comments I’ve read in various places which usually go along the lines of ‘oh I’d never run a sponsored post,’ usually with some snotty comment or thinly veiled attack on bloggers who do. It’s still beyond me why it bothers bloggers so much what other bloggers are doing. This isn’t heart surgery people, it’s not life or death. Get. A. Grip.

As I’ve said before, I don’t care what people do on their blogs as long as they’re not writing something libellous or nasty. I don’t care if they want to run wall-to-wall competitions or reskin their sites with a giant ad. That is THEIR decision and if you don’t like a blog, don’t read it. If a blogger is breaking a law then they will get found out eventually. But it’s not for any of us to call them on it. And I would never, ever knock someone for trying to provide for their families, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

(If you have read this post and you’re still tempted to play Blogging police, I would suggest you need to be really, really sure you have ALL the facts to hand, because as soon as you put a claim in writing, it could be libellous and if it’s false, you could be done for malicious falsehood. And if you make a claim about another blogger anonymously, then you’re really no better than the writer of a Poison Pen letter.)

Wouldn’t it be nice if the New Year could herald a New Dawn in the blogosphere – one where bloggers sit on their hands if they can’t say something nice, or simply ignore the blogs they don’t like? Is that really too much to hope for?


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