In praise of audio books — and how you can get a free one

May 28, 2013

I’ve only recently re-discovered the many advantages of audio books. We used to play them for No 1 Son on long car journeys when he was small (the Roald Dahl books were always favourites), and they are absolutely brilliant for entertaining kids, of course, but as I’ve found, they’re fantastic for adults, too. They’re ideal for listening to when you want to rest your eyes on a plane but aren’t quite ready to sleep for example, or when you’re having a soak in the bath; you can also listen to them while you’re doing mundane chores around the house (50 Shades of Grey while you’re doing the washing up, anyone?), or gardening, or travelling to work (they definitely make commuting more interesting). The ultimate multi-tasking companion, in fact.

Is It Just Me Miranda HartIf you’re interested in trying one out yourself, then Audible Books have a great selection of over 80,000 titles – everything from Eric Schmidt’s latest release The New Digital Age to Dan Brown’s Inferno, the Game of Thrones books and The Hunger Games series.

There are some very well known voices narrating the books, including the likes of Stephen Fry reading his book The Fry Chronicles, and Miranda Hart reading her book Is It Just Me? Even if it’s a book you know quite well, hearing them read rather than reading them in your own head adds a different dimension to your experience, I think. And of course they’re also brilliant for anyone who may be having trouble with their eyesight, like my mum, bless her.

You can download audible apps for your iPhone, iPad, mp3 player, Kindle, Android and Windows, which makes it really easy to start listening. Fancy trying it out for yourself? Click here to get a free audio book when you sign up for one month’s free trial – and do let me know which book you choose.

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  • Laura May 28, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Working from home today – will now be listening to MIranda’s dulcet tones too. Thanks xxx