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I may be a mummy blogger – but I don’t just blog about kids’ stuff

Last week I had one of *those* conversations with a PR. You know the one.

Her: ‘I thought you might like to blog about this product (talks about product), we’d be happy to send you a sample.’

Me: In all honesty, it’s not something I’d blog about, there’s just not enough there for a blog post.

Her: But it’s for kids.

Me: Yes, but I don’t just blog about kids’ things.

Her (confused): But I thought you were a mummy blogger?

*head desk*

I am a mummy blogger. I’m also a travel blogger, a beauty blogger, an entertainment blogger, and, a thoughts and experiences blogger.  I’m not chained to the kitchen sink, I don’t have tea on the table for when Man of the House gets home. I don’t even own an apron.

If I look at the blogs some of my mummy blogging friends have written recently, they’re talking about topics ranging from politics to business and everything in between.

Mummy blogs are as diverse as the women who write them, and finding out whether a mummy blogger is going to be interested in writing about your product isn’t rocket science.

Just read their blog.

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