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How to lose a stone in six weeks… and keep it off

Back in January when a group of us formed the New Year New Body facebook group I suggested members choose a six week goal of no more than a stone in six weeks (or half a stone in three weeks). That’s because this is the maximum weight loss you can achieve healthily in six weeks. The idea being, that once you’ve reached your first goal, you reset.

Of course, sticking to a goal is easier said than done, especially when the weather is miserable, the kids leave leftovers (and I used to be addicted to potato waffles, the shame), and so on. Everyone knows the basic principles of losing weight and keeping it off – eat less, do more – but getting motivated is usually the main barrier.

For me there’s only one diet that’s ever really worked, and that’s WeightWatchers. Keeping a tracker (or food diary) is hugely helpful, but it’s also about the kind of food you can eat. I don’t do deprivation, I don’t see the point of eating one food group one day and another the next (really, show me the science). You can keep your quick fixes, baby food, cabbage soup, blood group and Atkins. The only diet that works for me is one where I can eat chocolate, drink alcohol (in moderation, obviously) and where it actually makes sense to me: most veggies, for example, are 0 ProPoints. If you learn how to control your portions, you can still have the foods you fancy, and lose weight. Not rocket science – it’s just common sense.

So now I’m more than a few stone lighter than I was when we started this whole thing (disclaimer: the woman in this photo is not actually me). I feel better. The GP said my blood pressure is perfect. The proof, as always, is (not) in the pudding.


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