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Have you had a Facebook purge?

FacebookAlthough I’m addicted to twitter, I do still use Facebook – mainly as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends, or people who have played a special part in my life. I make it a rule never to accept anyone who I’ve never actually met  (if they want to talk to me they can find me on twitter. I don’t see why they need to see photos of my family.)

But a mistake I made a few years ago was accepting friend requests from people I’d gone to school with, who really, I didn’t like very much when I was 13, 14, 15 or 16, and had even less in common with *cough cough* years later. And also when I first started mummy blogging, accepting requests from bloggers I didn’t really know. I am by nature  a cat person – I want to know why I should like you, rather than a dog person, who wants everyone to like them.  So accepting requests from what amounted to strangers went completely against the grain for me. (If you’ve sent me a friend request and I’ve ignored it, this post explains why.)

The truth was, I didn’t want any of these people commenting on my status, or my timeline. I wasn’t interested in their lives, and I didn’t want them to be interested in mine. And I also felt there were certain things I couldn’t write on my status at all, which is ridiculous. After all, it is supposed to be my facebook page.

So on Saturday, I finally did it. I had a Facebook purge. I got rid of anyone who I’m not interested in. Does that sound harsh? Well I don’t suppose for a minute they’ll miss me. I can’t imagine I brought that much light into their lives.

The best thing about it is that now I’m seeing the people I want to see in my timeline, which is exactly how it should be.

*Have you had a Facebook purge – and was there any comeback? I’d love to know.

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