Dancewear for your little ballet stars

December 4, 2012

Now it may surprise you to know, particularly if you’ve met me because not even my best friend would describe me as graceful, that I really wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was young. My sister and I spent hours at ballet and tap, I was obsessed with Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield and Veronica at the Wells by Lorna Hill and I loved going to watch the ballet (still do – I was at Sleeping Beauty the night Darcey Bussell broke her foot.)

Sadly it wasn’t to be. But I’ve loved watching my niece, Harriet, at her various dance shows and I do think that ballet and dance is wonderful for kids – not just girls, but boys too.

If your daughter (or indeed, your son) is interested in ballet or indeed any other kind of dance it’s definitely worth checking out Move Dancewear, an online company selling all kinds of dance, gymnastic and sportswear. They stock a fantastic range including this beautiful Juliett Paris tutu (£19.13)…

…and a huge range of Bloch ballet shoes.

They also sell leotards, tights and everything else your aspiring dancers and gymnasts could need.

*Does jazz hands*

Find out more about Bloch products at Move Dancewear.




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