Cute videos for kids who love planes

April 16, 2015

Do your kids love flying and everything to do with planes? When No 1 Son was little he had a whole collection of planes, and as he grew up he also loved building those model kits. And of course if your children do love everything to do with planes then it makes taking them on holiday that much easier.

KLM Bluey 01One of our favourite airlines for family travel is definitely KLM – maybe it’s because they’re Dutch but they seem to have a natural affinity with children and know how to keep them entertained on flights. And they’ve just released a new series of short films starring their adorable little mascot, Bluey, and his friends. If you’re getting to that end of Easter holidays phase and wondering what else you can do with them, it’s definitely worth showing them the videos – and if you’re planning on taking the kids on their first flight, it’s a fantastic way of getting them excited about their trips. Since Bluey launched last November he has proved a big hit with their younger travellers.

The first movie features Bluey, his dad and his friend Windy in an exciting adventure at the annual Zundert flower parade in Holland. Just click below to watch it. Enjoy 🙂

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