Cool and practical swimwear for kids

May 22, 2013

One of the best things about being in Florida for a few days was getting a chance to swim in the sea (the water was incredibly clean), and of course there were lots of families enjoying the beach, too. I’m such a fan of swimming lessons for kids – we took No 1 Son to baby swimming and then enrolled him for the ducklings class at our local baths, and he carried on going to swimming club until he was 11. Whenever we go on holiday it’s still such a joy to see him in the water – he doesn’t like the sea, but once he gets in a swimming pool, you can’t get him out of it.


little comet mainAs we’re going away in June and will be able to do lots of swimming in a pool I’ve been looking for some new swimming gear, and I’ve found a fantastic selection of swimwear for kids and swimming goggles at Australian brand Zoggs. Their Little Comet swimming goggles for one to six-year-olds (£10) have a very clever anti-fog buster (which will save on all those goggle-induced tantrums at the pool) and also offer UV protection. They also sell cool children’s cossies for ages 0 to 14, maternity suits and swimming costumes for adults – all the swimwear you need for the whole family, in fact, as well as teaching aids and games for kids learning to swim.


The Aussies definitely know a thing or two about swimming, and how to have fun in the sun, and the other thing I definitely need to buy before we go away is some spray-on-wet-skin sun protection, because that will definitely make life a lot easier, and cut down on tantrums. Mine, mostly.

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