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As green as it gets

Battersea BridgeWhen you’re a Londoner born and bred you feel a connection with the River Thames. At least, I do, particularly if I’ve been away from home on a trip. Yesterday it was really sunny, and the water looked… well, brownish green, actually, but this is still one of my favourite views, taken from Battersea Bridge. The Bridge in the distance is Albert Bridge, which everyone loves and always wants to drive over because it’s pink and white and very pretty – but you actually get a better view of it from here. And in the distance, on a clear day like yesterday, you can see the Shard.

What I hadn’t noticed before, though, until Tara Lara told us to go out and take a photo of something green, was the intricate pattern on the cast iron balustrade on the bridge – it’s a Moorish design. Who knew? And it’s painted dark green, although it’s faded and looks quite olive when the sun’s on it. The previous bridge was wooden and painted by Turner and Whistler, among others. They appreciated the great views, too.

*This is my entry for The Gallery and the theme this week is ‘green’.


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  2. MummaG June 27, 2013

    Beautiful pattern on the bridge, lovely when you notice something new about a place you love x

  3. jenny paulin June 26, 2013

    what an excellent find!

  4. Lous Lake Views June 26, 2013

    That balustrade is amazing, funny how we can walk passed things so often without really seeing them

  5. Notmyyearoff June 26, 2013

    Ahh that bridge is lovely, I only realised it was Moorish after you pointed it out. I bet there are so many bridges like this up and down London, steeped in some kind of history and culture that we don’t see for rushing.

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