A really easy family holiday

June 11, 2013

One of my best friends came round for Pimms and lemonade on Saturday afternoon (when it was actually WARM) and was telling me how she and her husband still haven’t  booked a summer holiday. With three boys to cater for they need something affordable and easy to get to.

If you’re struggling to decide where to go on your family holiday and you want something that will suit everyone (and your budget) it’s worth considering renting one of the many look no further than renting one of the many Cornwall holiday lodges that you’ll find on the different Parkdean holiday parks.

Family on holidayOf course, just because you’re self-catering, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time… er, self-catering. But the advantage of having your own kitchen is that everyone can have breakfast/get up at their own pace (essential when you’re travelling with children, really). You can make a picnic to take with you when you’re going out for the day, or have a bit of a nap if you feel like it. And eat out whenever you choose, because you don’t feel obliged to eat in the same place because you’ve paid for it.

Staying in one of the lodges that you can rent on a managed holiday park means that you also have access to some really fab facilities, too. There are lots of activities for the whole family to try out – surfing, scuba diving and fishing, for example. And there are kids’ clubs on offer, so your children can make new friends and you’ll have time to relax.

There’s usually a pool on site, too – so even if we have a washout of the summer, you can still take the kids swimming. Plus in the evenings you have a choice of restaurants and bars, and live shows if you want them – or you can take a drive to a local pub or restaurant. Or just chill out in your luxurious holiday lodge. Your choice.

I’m going to show this post to my friend – I think she and her family will have a great time staying in a holiday lodge. It could be just the easy, affordable summer getaway they’re looking for 🙂

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